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Wedding Videography Dallas

Moving images to relive you wedding day and feel like you are there again!

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why should i hire a wedding videographer

While hiring a wedding photographer is a no brainer, many couple's struggle with the question of whether they should hire a wedding videographer for their wedding. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest regrets married couples have is just that! They did not hire a wedding videographer and all told if they could go back in time they would absolutely hire someone to film their wedding. You see what a wedding video offers that photography does not we belive that movement captures emotion better than photos. While a photo is able freeze a specific moment, video allows you to relive the entire moment just as it happened.

How much do wedding videographers cost?

This is one of the most searched questions on the internet. In short, prices for wedding videographers in Dallas will range anywhere from $1000 and can go upwards of $3000 with more experienced and established videographers charging well above these figures. At R.Romero Photography we sit somewhere in the middle with our wedding videography prices starting in the mid $1000s. Our pricing takes into account our experience, cost of doing business but more importantly the quality of films we deliver to our couples! 

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